The idea of living in an uncluttered and clean home sounds attractive to many. But they begin to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and defeated around the idea of de-cluttering their homes.

Clutter doesn’t appear out of nowhere. If everyone in the family keeps on dumping their bags, books, and clothes here and there in the room, the avalanche is not so far away. Clearing out the clutter all alone is not so simple, and also, this will not cure the real problem. You clear the clutter today, and twenty-four hours later, the clutter returns again.

To conquer clutter once and for all, you can follow few handy tips:

Never leave the room empty-handed

Do not ever leave the room empty-handed. If you’ve got a spare hand, grab something that doesn’t belong to that room and put it in its place. You’ll get surprised how a lot of things get put away if you follow this simple step. Try counting how many times you enter and leave a room each day.

Follow the ‘one in, one out’ rule

This is ‘the golden rule’ for keeping your home uncluttered. One of the biggest causes of clutter is that people bring new things home even if they don’t have enough space for them. Make a rule- If one new thing is brought to home, one old thing must go. You can encourage your children to give away their old possessions to less fortunate ones. This way, they will learn good household habits along with the art of generosity.

Settle down large items if not in use

Large items in your home take up a large space, and add to the general clutter. Leaving them wherever you use them is not a very good idea, is it? So, ensure that the large items such as highchairs, and the ironing boards are placed in their respective spots when not in use.

Stay hard-hearted with clothing

Being ruthless with your old clothes is another way of busting out the clutter from your home. Most families have abundance of clothing, most of which are the kids’ gift from family and friends. To keep your home uncluttered, get rid of as many old clothes as possible. You can use ‘one in, one out’ rule here as well. Whenever you add a new item to your wardrobe, let go of one old item, or even better- more than one item.

Deal with paperwork ASAP

Try to manage the paperwork as soon as you open it. Mails, bills, receipts, and notes- they all pile up so quickly. To cut down the clutter from paperwork, try to sort out the mails as soon as they arrive, deal with all the bills, receipts, and any other notes. For the purpose of easy filing, you can keep a simple system of clearly-labelled folders.

Shelves and storage

Bring in good shelving and storage solutions for a clutter-free home. Ensure that each member in the family has suitable storage shelves for their personal possessions, including clothes. Do not let anyone use others’ shelves. If their personal storage is filled, go by ‘one in, one out’ rule again. It’s amazing how much tidier the rooms will look when every belonging has a place to live.

Clean up kitchen

Cleaning up your kitchen bench and table would take more or less 5 minutes. Won’t it feel better if you wake up to find a tidy kitchen in the morning? If the quick cleaning up of these two key areas can make your morning stress-free, why not clean them up before bed?

Put things straight away

Make a habit of putting things away as soon as you’re done. Do not just dump things where you last used them. You’ll be able to cut down on a great deal of the clutter by just using this simple step.

Speed cleaning

Put yourself on a clock, and you’ll be surprised on how much you can achieve. Set a timer for 20 minutes, choose an area and then clean, clean, and clean! Trust me, this works so well.

Get children involved

Many hands make the works lighter. Teach your children that cleaning is a family job. Make sure they participate in daily de-cluttering activities, by assigning them a couple of small jobs. Even the simple things like putting away the cutlery after dinner, sorting own clothes, putting play things in their respective places after they are done playing, and the likes, make a big difference to a busy mom.

If you aren’t able to clean it up yourself, then hire a professional cleaning service for your convenience.

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