Places-CleanHave you ever entirely cleaned each and every corner of your room? What if few places have missed from your sight and you don’t even have any idea about it?

This blog mainly aims at providing a basic knowledge about some of the spots you might have missed while cleaning.

Walls: They give you a pleasant feeling only if you keep it neat and safe from dirt, dust and marks. You spend hours and hours in cleaning the floors and miss the walls. So get started wiping with the tools you’ve got, or call the cleaning experts near your area.

Ceiling: Look up! Dust and cobweb may have undertaken your ceiling! Swipe it with a feather duster or a soft broom and take all the dirt out of it.

Blinds/ Drapery: It’s good if you clean your curtains once in a year with a vacuum. You can also take them out and wash it but make sure you handle them with good care.

Chandeliers: You should really see if your wall lights and decorative lighting have lost its shine or has created white haze on its surface. Cleaning of chandeliers could be little difficult as you have to be more careful than any other material in your home. Give a chance to cleaning specialists and let your chandeliers sparkle all day.

Doors: Are you in your room? Great! Now take a look at your doors! Do you see marks on it? Grab a soft wet cloth and wipe all over it. Do this every week before the marks fade away.

Windows: Along with cleaning your interior, wash your windows too. For this, you can either wipe it with a wet cloth or call the cleaners. Let the skylight show you a picture-perfect view of the outside world.

Frames/ Decorative: Dirty decorative can be a major turn-off. You don’t want your guests to feel awful in your home. So, dust them with a feather duster. To give them a shiny appearance, spray water/cleaning agent on them with a spray bottle. Then use a soft dry cloth to soak the moisture.

Kitchen appliances: It’s true that the kitchen area is the most messed up space of any house. Most of us forget to clean it thoroughly after cooking. So, what you can do is, clean the appliances and spots with a soapy water solution every night. Doing this on a regular basis not only gives you a shiny kitchen but also avoids attracting flies, cockroaches and other insects and rodents that are harmful to your health.

Bathroom sink: What could be worse than a filthy sink on your bathroom? Use soapy water and wipe it with cloth. Spend every few minutes cleaning it.

Garbage Can: You throw almost every junk or waste in the garbage can. This can lead to the dispersion of foul odor in every corner of your house. Not only they stink but also attract various unwanted guests like insects and rodents. Keep your trash cans away from odors by spraying a mixture of lemon water solution with cinnamon or baking soda in it.

There are many other spots you might have missed to clean. Remember Wally’s Window Cleaning Service to sparkle every curve of your room. There’s nothing better than having a cleaning specialist for your beautiful home.

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