A decorated ceiling mounting light fixtures, beautiful and classy- Yes, it is chandelier that I am talking about. These beautiful yet complicated looking light fixtures are a source of attraction for you, your family, and surely your visitors. You do not want these high class lamp fixtures to look dirty, webbed with spider’s web, and other dirt and dust particles, do you? So, chandelier cleaning at regular intervals can be a great idea, to keep them shiny and attractive. Wondering HOW? Don’t worry. I’ve got your back here.

I hereby present you with some DIY Chandelier ideas that, must probably, you aren’t familiar with. Yes, DIY Chandelier Cleaning Ideas. Here you go… Read them, implement as per the instructions and keep your chandelier stunning.


  1. Chandelier Cleaning- Dry Method
  2. Chandelier Cleaning- Wet Method
  3. Chandelier Cleaning- Piece by Piece Method
  4. Tips and Advices

Chandelier Cleaning- Dry Method

This approach of chandelier cleaning, I would say, is the best one, compared to wet method and piece by piece cleaning. This idea avoids the worries of moisture, which may enter the electrical components of the light. No use of any liquid is the best part of this cleaning measure.

What You’ll Need

  • Ladder, of course
  • Microfiber Clothes- minimum two
  • Windex or other fine glass cleaner

The Cleaning Process

  • Make sure that the lights are switched off. Also remember that the bulb should be clean before starting the task.
  • Set the ladder up in a stronger way, better if someone is there to hold it. Be sure that the ladder is tall enough to reach the chandelier.
  • Start the work moving from top to the bottom, and then inside out.
  • Then, spray Windex or the glass cleaner, and wipe each piece of glass.
  • Polish the cleaned glass with fiber clothes. Replace the cloth when it gets dirty.
    chandelier cleaning ideas

    chandelier cleaning ideas

Chandelier Cleaning- Wet Method

This method is an efficient one, but only when you’re all prepared.

What You’ll Need

  • Ladder
  • Plastic (sandwich) bags
  • Rubber Bands
  • Chandelier Cleaner
  • Plastic sheeting/ tarp

The Cleaning Process

  • Turn off the lights and let it cool down before cleaning (as the previous method)
  • Spread the sheeting under the chandelier. Doing so helps in capturing the drips and dust/dirt.
  • Climb the ladder to secure a plastic bag over every light bulb. Tightly wrap a rubber band around the fixture. Make sure that every bulb is wrapped tightly.
  • Spray Chandelier cleaner all over the fixture. Every single bit of Chandelier should get wet here.
  • Let those fixtures dry completely.
  • Carefully remove the tarp to see your chandelier cleaned.

Chandelier Cleaning- Piece by Piece Method

This method is a must apply one if you want your precious lighting fixture to get cleaned thoroughly. Take the chandelier apart and hand wash it one by one. Here’s how to and what you’ll need:

What you’ll need

  • Ladder
  • Thick Blanket
  • Digital Camera
  • Mild Dish Detergent
  • Very Hot Water
  • Plastic Colander
  • Lint free piece of cloth

The Cleaning Process

  • Again, turn off the lights and let it cool down.
  • Set up the ladder stably.
  • Put the thick blanket under the fixture; this is to catch any bulb that you may drop while cleaning.
  • Before you start disassembling the chandelier, take pictures of the fixtures from every possible angle. Doing so aids you in re-fixing those bulbs and lights, without any complexities and confusions.
  • Then start what you had halted. Disassemble the pieces one by one and lay them cautiously on the thick blanket.
  • Transfer few of the lighting pieces to the plastic colander, to rinse them under very hot water, which you’ve already got.
  • Use very small amount of detergent over the pieces or the bulbs.
  • Continue with rinsing unless all soap residue is washed off.
  • Lay the pieces out on the cloth to let them dry.
  • Continue until all of the bulbs have been washed.
  • Allow the components to air dry or polish with the lint free cloth, and reassemble the chandelier.

Additional tips and advices

Those were 3 easy and effective Chandelier Cleaning DIY methods.  Now, here are some additional tips that may come in handy, to assist you in cleaning your beloved lighting property.

  • Checking the manufacturers’ site to know more cleaning tricks. They might have got some better ideas.
  • Call professional chandelier cleaners if you think that the task may be a bit complicated for you.
  • Dust before washing to get a better result.
  • Make sure that the center pieces go back together, when putting back the chandelier.

Remember to dust the light bulbs when you are finished.

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