A power wash is a highly effective way of cleaning a wide range of home exteriors. Concrete Driveways outside your house can never be an exception from the need of an effective power wash. The task of cleaning your concrete driveways with power wash is something you can do on your own.

So, you need to know what involves in power washing-like water flow, the pressure of water, heat, and use of detergents, and on and on. To help you in the cleaning process, here is a step by step guide on how to power wash your concrete driveways. Read on…

  1. Find a perfect pressure washer

A decent pressure washer is what you need to start power washing. Experts have recommended the use of 3000 psi pressure washer for the purpose of cleaning concretes. Home depot around your area should have rentals, if not you can always go for tool rentals.

Hot water unit is a perfect match for a perfect power washing. It is said that hot water cleans 100 times better, in general, in comparison to the use of cold water. Remember- NEVER merge a cold water unit with the warm water unit, which comes from your house, as that will result in a damaged pump.

  1. Prepare the driveway

To prepare the driveway, sweep all the dirt and debris possible. You should know the spots where leakages prevail in the driveway, where water flows during excessive rain or while you wash your car. Knowing them would help you prepare the driveway.

Placing an oil soaking mat over the storm drain can be the best idea to deal with spots which leaks water. Such kind of mat absorbs oil, gas, and chemicals making it easier to filter the water and wastages.  Prepare the driveway in such a way that you can now start the actual process without any hindrances.

  1. Start the actual process

Now, the power washing task and processes is all set to start. Fill a pump sprayer at first with a concentrate degreaser (dilute). Experts have lately suggested the use of ZEP TnT. The name may sound new to you, it is nothing much but a brush used to clean gutters in highly advanced industries.

Now, spray a hefty (as required) amount on the top of the stain going around any soil marks that you’ll see.

  1. Know how it goes on

Reading the instruction catalogue that comes with the pressure washer itself would be of great help in the whole pressure washing task. See if the machine you are all set to use is fully topped with the required fuel on it. The burner fuel tank too should be filled well in the case of hot water pressure washer. Also know that the red tank in the machine is for gasoline while the blue one is for kerosene or diesel.

Then, place the machine on ground level and make sure that it is away from your work area or heavy man-traffic area. I guess it is not necessary to remind you about the use of eye protections as power washer may be cruel enough to hurt your eyes.

  1. Be careful with the steps

You always should be cautious when using the power washer, as even a simple mistake would lead towards a cleaning disaster. Place the yellow tip into the wand at first. Make sure that there exists no hose touching the grass around the driveway, if you are using a hot water unit. The power washer may even kill you if the hose is left in one spot for too long.

Find out the best spot from the top of the wand to the place you are focusing on the driveway. This ensures that you are producing the best cleaning strength. Make sure that you don’t miss a single corner while washing the concrete driveway.

  1. Finishing touches

This can be considered as the most important step in power washing a concrete driveway. You need to know that the use of heavy duty concrete cleaners on the area you’ve focused would burn the concrete. Not only burns, you would end up with the stain of chalk white marks all over the spot.

Lastly, do not forget to give the whole driveway a proper rinse. You can use the low pressure tip of the power washer for that purpose. You may have ruined the cleanliness of house siding and furniture during the whole power washing process, make sure that you’ll get them cleaned. Double check your work after you would leave the concrete driveway to get dry.

That is all I had as some tips for cleaning the concrete driveways, with the proper use of power washer. Read the steps and give that a try. If you are not confident about the task, you can always call your nearest professional power washers for your assistance.

Happy Power Washing…

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