So it’s true that you have a fondness for collecting lots of amazingly stylish items that you, later on, have a hard time tossing! But hey, it’s now time to take the stock off your closet and find ways to organize your clothing with style.

Whether you have limited space or too many shelves, you will need to keep up with these tasks too, when it comes to cleaning your closet.

Step Number One

A bit of background music always goes a long way when you’re cleaning. It keeps your spirit high while’ you’re tackling with those sweaters and socks. So turn up the music playlist and dig through the boxes, on boxes of crap!

Step Number Two

Focus on one person’s clothes at a time. It can be overwhelming when you dive in everyone’s clothes at once. When deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, you have to ask a few questions. How long have you owned the item? Can you find new ways to wear the item other than the way you have been? Make sure the person who it belongs to is okay with it.

While you can probably put your foot down on certain attires, people become amazingly attached to those items. To avoid any war with someone over something, they were really attached to, run it by them before you put it in the giveaway pile.

Step Number Three

Arrange the items according to the season or type of clothing. This way, you can visually see how much of what type of clothing you have. Who knows, you would discover 50 college t-shirts, which you obviously won’t need.

Step Number Four

Now that you have arranged, go through each pile and pick out the ones that you wear the most. Not your favorite one, but the one you wear the most. It will be worth it in the long run. Once you have identified your greatest hits, line them up on the opposite side of the room.

Step Number Five

Think what you really need. Rather than buying a bunch of new items, you might use the most of same clothing, right? While going through your closet, think of the situations in which you might need them again – it can be for pregnancy, other children, etc. If you believe you’ll need it again someday, don’t feel bad about keeping it, or else just toss it away.

Step Number Six

Know the condition of your clothes. By holding the clothes you never wear, you’re likely to start drowning in thoughts, which makes it more difficult to find things to wear. So, better know when to actually dispose your garments that are in these situations:

  • If it is damaged beyond repair, get rid of it as soon as possible. A tailor can replace a zipper, a button or even the lining of a coat, but they can’t fully fix a gap on the side of your silk blouse or a huge hole in the middle of your trousers.
  • If it doesn’t fit, why hope to lose enough weight to wear it again? Our bodies have changed causing older clothes to fit differently. Getting in shape for yourself is fab, but not for your prom dress waiting for you to fit in.
  • If the piece contains intense bleach, dried paint, oil stains, then it’s time to bid adios to those amigos spoiled by these crooks.
  • If it looks really bad on you because it’s stretched, it’s time to let the outfit retire.
  • If you’ll never wear them outside of your bedroom, why are you still hanging on to them? Better use the space of your closet for things you’ll actually reach for regularly.
  • If you’re over them and know you won’t reach for them, just because they are drastically out of style and not coming back anytime soon, then, yes, it’s time for them to go. Same goes for items that might never have been trendy, but those you loved a few years ago and think they look frumpy today.
  • If you graduated from high school 10 years ago, and you still have a bunch of cheer leading clothes from then, it’s probably time to move on.
  • If you were shopping right now, would you buy this? Think now!
  • If you don’t feel confident when you wear this, then toss it away.
  • If you have multiples of the same items, take it off.
  • Though it’s a guilt garment and you paid so much money for it,. Say NO to it!

Step Number Seven

Donate or sell them. There are many places that are glad to accept old clothes for homeless people. Your old garments can be a great blessing to others. Go through your closet full of clothes and find the ones that your children have outgrown, the ones that you don’t like, or you don’t have any use for.

Step Number Eight

Instead of buying new clothes, take the money you would normally spend on clothing in a month and set it aside.

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