If you ask the question- how to clean a chandelier, in general, most people would suggest you the same old thing. Spread a large piece of cloth under your chandelier, and then, spray one of your favorite cleaner; allowing the dirt to fall on the cloth. Wow! No mess, right? Wrong!

The maintenance of the chandeliers is something you need to be careful about. Proper cleaning will help maintain its beauty and functionality for years ahead.

Find out what to do and what not to do, to make the cleaning job easier and more effective. More than you had ever imagined!


  • Stick with water and micro-fiber chandelier cleaning cloth, or a natural, nontoxic cleaner.
  • Use a tiny amount of very mild liquid detergent solution (Mix about a drop of solution in a gallon of water).
  • Clean the crystals with your hand, being careful not to touch the metal. Dismantling a large chandelier can be a daunting task, so it’s better to mark each of the pieces.
  • Take regular breaks while cleaning the fixtures. Schedule the time on your calendar and complete it as you would do in the checklist.
  • Consider hiring professionals, as chandelier cleaning is a sophisticated job! They do it with perfection, without using any chemical or spray. They also have access to the tools ideal for the job, like microfiber gloves. It is used for cleaning purpose.


  • Don’t use harsh soap or chemical-based cleaners to clean your chandelier. The residue can dangerously affect its crystal, and in extreme cases, the metal oxidizes onto the crystal. Unless the fixture is wiped completed dry, the residue can react with the metal piece of your chandelier and damage it. Glass crystals turn cloudy for the same reason.
  • Don’t use newspaper to clean your chandeliers. It contains some pretty toxic chemicals that can cause you harm.
  • Don’t climb that ladder if your chandelier is way too high in the ceiling. You wouldn’t want to break your back, would you?
  • Don’t clean your light fixtures in direct sunlight as the heat dries the piece too quickly. Cool and cloudy day are perfect for the job.
  • Don’t forget to turn off your chandelier while cleaning. There’s a chance of you getting an electric shock or even worse. Always be extremely careful.
  • Don’t twirl or rotate your crystal chandelier while cleaning. You may risk the chandelier or its crystals to fall on the ground.

The Different Methods To Clean Your Chandeliers

A newly cleaned chandelier is utterly beautiful. When lit, it completely transforms the look of an entire room. Though cleaning a light fixture may appear to be an overwhelming task, it’s actually relatively easy. Here’s how you do it.

Method 1

The best part of this method is, you will not have to worry about getting the electrical sections wet and the process is relatively simple.

Materials Required

  • A strong ladder,
  • Two polishing rags
  • A Chandelier cleaning spray.


  • First, make sure that the light is switched off and the bulbs have cooled down
  • Sprinkle the cleaner onto one soft cloth and use it well to wipe the dirt off the glass.
  • Use the second rag to polish up the cleaned sections.
  • Start at the top of the chandelier and work your way down, from outside to inside.

Method 2

This method is also one of the easiest ways to clean your chandelier; of course, it requires a lot of precautions.

Materials Required

  • Few small plastic bags
  • A ladder
  • A Chandelier cleaning spray
  • Rubber bands
  • An old wide bed sheet


  • Turn off the lights and let the bulbs cool down.
  • Now spread the bed sheet on the floor under the chandelier to catch all the dripping cleaner.
  • Set the ladder up and place the plastic bags over each light bulb.
  • Waterproofing the electrical fitting by securing the bags underneath each fitting with a rubber band.
  • Sprinkle the entire chandelier with the cleaner and leave it drip dry.
  • Remove the plastic bags after about an hour and fold away the plastic sheeting.

Method 3

This method involves taking the crystal pieces out of the chandelier, cleaning them and putting them back together. Here’s how to do it.

Materials required

  • A ladder
  • A Thick Blanket
  • A colander
  • Warm water
  • Liquid Detergent


  • Keep a thick blanket under the light fixture so that if you drop a piece, it won’t break.
  • Take a lot of photos from all angles of the fixture. (Just for back up; so that you know what it looked like)
  • Remove all the pieces one by one and place them carefully on the blanket.
  • Once all the pieces are down, put them into one colander and rinse them under warm water.
  • Put a little liquid detergent mixture onto the pieces and rinse again.
  • Now lay all the washed pieces on a soft dry cloth. Air dry should be sufficient for this.
  • Put the pieces back together but go from the inside out, with the centre pieces going back together first.

After following these steps, you’ll have your light fixtures shining in no time. Now that you’ve learned a portion of the most effortless methods, you can apply the same techniques periodically.

As chandeliers are very delicate, it isn’t possible to take them down and do the cleaning every other day. You can dust the light fixtures weekly, with the help of a traditional feather duster. If you want to keep your lighting sparkling and shimmering like diamonds, then after every 6 months, you’ve got to carefully wipe every part of the surface.

To increase the precious life of your light fixture and give it a sparkling look, you must put it down once in a year for a complete wash. You can open each part carefully and put them on a dry cloth (as it is previously mentioned above in the instructions). Wash the bulbs and crystal separately with a mixture of warm water and detergent (Don’t use any chemical as it can damage the texture and metal finish of your chandelier). Let them dry completely and then put them back together. Just be special careful.

If you find it difficult to clean your chandelier yourself, it’s never too late to hire chandelier cleaning experts. They will clean it without using chemicals, making the entire process environmentally safe. It will give your chandeliers a new shine; cleaner and brighter than ever.

Time-saving Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

  1. Are you frustrated to see dust fly back to your closet, or other furniture sets, right after cleaning them? Dampen your dust cloth with fabric softener straight from the bottle and dust as usual.
  2. If your chandelier has vague patterns, then use a paintbrush to give them a good dusting. Shake off the brush and let the hidden dust come out. The small soft bristles are perfect for cleaning out areas that are impossible to reach.
  3. Grab an old pillowcase and place it over one of the ceiling fans blade. Slowly pull the pillowcase and watch how the blade gets dusted and the dust bunny patches on the pillowcase. Do the same with every blade.
  4. Forget wasting money on those expensive tools for cleaning. Just slip an old sock over your hand and gently rub the dust off.
  5. To get rid of cobwebs and grime from the cracks and the gaps, dip an ordinary toothpick in some alcohol and run it on the affected area.
  6. Rubber gloves are best to pull pet’s hair out from the carpets. Also, if your chandelier has become a shelter for spider webs, then soak old fabric gloves in a nontoxic cleaner and wipe it off. You’ll get gleaming results.
  7. Lemons and salt are all you need to make your stainless steel sink shine.
  8. Although oven mitts are usually confined to kitchen duty, they’re actually great for dusting and polishing around your house. You can apply wax on one side of the old mitt to polish your furniture, and the other side to buff it up.
  9. Give your chandelier a quick cleaning with a blow-dryer.
  10. You can use a lint brush with disposable sheets to dust lamp shades and plant leaves.
  11. Get rid of mold and mildew on tiles and shower curtains with a mixture of lemon juice and baking powder.
  12. Shine brass by using a dab of ketchup.
  13. Use Alka Seltzer to clean the bottom of a vase.
  14. Spray vinegar on a soft cloth to get squeaky clean windows in a flash.
  15. After you get all the dust off, spray the kitchen, bathroom countertops and the toilets with a disinfectant that also smells good.
  16. Use this vacuuming path: Entryway –> Hallway –>Living Room –>Bathroom
  17. Spray the dirty dish towels with starch to make them look ironed.
  18. Make your house smell awesome with a mixture of cinnamon, lemon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger.

Bonus Tip: When guests drop by, leave the vacuum in the middle of your room and just say “You caught me in the middle of cleaning!” That way, any mess is excused ;)


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